Planning to spend New Year's Eve in Krakow this year? If yes, this post should help you with all dificulties!
If you have your tickets booked but your waiting for good deal for hotel or apartment reservation better get hurry. Most of the hotels are already sold out and if not prices won't be lower anymore…and as it's quite chilly (usually that means -5 and snow) so staying all night out may by pretty dangerous.
Anyway if you have already place to stay in Krakow you should think about what to on this special evening:
Most of the restaurant organize special „a la carte” New Year's Eve menu. Usually that's not a party but a dinner (yes, you will be eating until midnight) with a glass of champagne at 00:00. If you're planning just to eat something before going out better make sure which restaurants will be regullary open „just for dinnig”. Anf if yes, most of them will be open only until 21h00-22h00-staff wants to party as well.
Every club in Krakow organizes a special New Year's Eve Party. House Party, Techno Party, Disco Party…you can choose your favoured style of music and listen to il all night long. At the moment all clubs are settling down New Year's Eve line-up but programme and tickets will be available soon.
Don't worry about booking places- usually even 2 days before it's OK and tickets are available.
Of course, you can always drop an e-mail to KrakowShuttle office and we will be happy to help you with all arrangements.
Like every year, Krakow's City Hall and Mayor of Krakow invites for a party on the Main Square.
It is free of charge, everyone is invited. On this website you can finf full line-up and all practical information: http://www.wownight.eu/en/1/0/2/home-page.
This year it will be DJ's night but you will also hear Kelis and R.I.O .. and of course great fireworks at midnight

…and day after, on 1st of January we have Bank Holidays so it means that all shops will be closed- better bay bottles of water, aspirine and something to eat day before:) in the afternoon and evening restaruants will be open again so no worries, New Year's dinner will be unforgettable.
For those who like classical music, we suggets New Year's Concerts: one in Slowacki National Theatre (Sw. Ducha Square, near the Market Square) or in Krakow's Filharmony (also in the Old Town).

We're looking forward to meet you in Krakow!