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The most famous Salt Mine in Poland is situated near Krakow. That's a place worth to visit not only for students or visitors. There is also a magical place where dreams about being Cinderella on ball may come true. Salt Mine is situated  in Wieliczka and it was located in  XIII century. There are few ways to visit it:  you can go over there by yourself, using public transportation (bus or train) or book your tour with a  tour operator, for example KrakowShuttle

The historic Salt Mine in Wieliczka is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages. But that's not only a place for travellers who want to know the history…

Visitors can also stay there for a night, and inhale the air 135 metes under the ground in a  cave called  „Stajnia Gór Wschodnich” ( Stable of the Eastern Mountains). As you can imagine, night spent inside the mine gives unforgetable sensations – you  can sleep in calm and peace, and rest from everyday life.

But that's not all – you can also enjoy there the New Year's Eve Party. Mistery atmospere, flashing lights, below ground but at the highest level -that's how the party will look like. This year’s leitmotif of the ball will be pearls – beautiful and invaluable, they emphasize the beauty of those women who wear them, but also remind us that the Mine is unique among other historic monuments just like the black-and-white Paletinian Pearl among other pearls.

However, the most beautiful events in Salt Mine are weddings – the fabolous scenery and atmosphere makes this special moment in life even more amazing.  Exquisite dishes, romatic music, and elegant interior, all together make this day unforgetable and make you feel like in a fairy tale.