As we know engagement is the most romantic and longed-for day in life every woman. Ho to prepare and create this moment to be the greatest day in life your girlfriend and your? Usually preparing and first step to engagement belongs  to man. He should buy ring with diamond and flower. How to chose the best one and how, and where you should delare? The answer is very sipmly! In Cracow? Why? Because it is the most romantic place in Poland, with beautiful streets, and picturesque tenement house.

Fristly you should book flight for you and your girlfriend. Good advice for you:  look on It's the simplest way to book a tickets!. Next you'll think abaut perfect place to stay. I recommend romantic apartment. Maybe in ancient style, or modern, but the most important is that, that it must be calm, clean, and on a high level. Your girlfriend should feel like princess, so you must try to choose the best one! Surely she'll like Angel House near Market Square. Look, and decide!

The first step to engagement is to  buy an engagement ring. In Cracow you can find many shops with jewellery, for example on Floriańska Street, or on Sławkowska Street. Don't forget about flowers – you can buy them on Market Square, like all cracovians do.

Ok! We have the ring.  What's next? You should choose a place, where you'll propose  to her.  Choose the most romantic restaurant!  In Cracow there's no problem with it, because on the Market Square there are plenty of restaurants, which are in different  style. There are rustic restaurants,  modern or in ancient style.  I recommended Wierzynek or Szara Restaurant. Special, intimate atmosphere is guaranteed.

If it is all organised it's your turn: order a bottle of champagne and declare to her! Good luck!