If you know and like polish poets like Grochowiak or Bryll, you will probably know something about anti-aestheticism. If you can imagine some kind of industrial view, you should deffinetly visit Nowa Huta(literally The New Steel Mill), Cracow's district since 1951. This city-district was built in deep socialism, just before Stalin's death. To do&see: just enter the bus going to 'Plac Centralny' and travel

till the end. You will be just in the middle of this magical place. In front of you will be huge New Steel Mill's meadows with great view of bigger part of Cracow, if the weather will be appropriate. Just make a short walk-through near there, delight with the view of the old, dirty and damaged buildings and admire what world reached till these times. it's like the little time machine, to old shops and old memories, great place for make amazing photos or finding the inspirations. Next option is a night or evening plan. If you're in Cracow, check concerts or exhibitions in Old Production Hall (hala ocynowni chemicznej). It's totally amazing experience to watch there a movie or go there for a concert. It's amazing of it's industrials inside: under the ceiling there are a lot of pipes, slim, fat, evey kinds, just like on tke walls. It makes a great atmosphere for movie or music events like Jonsi from Sigur Ros,múm & friends and Kraftwert concerts or Movie music Festival.