New Year just started, that's good time to make some big steps. Lots
of people made many big steps during the WOW!night with polish DJ's
and Kelis.
Huge stage was built in only few hours, but was very impressive. the
dancers was heating the crowd for all the time, the music was
connecting people just like Nokia does and incredible Kelis voice was
hypnotizing like Jackson's music.
Close your eyes, can you imagine the biggest club you've ever been to?
Then multiply it 100 times minimum. That was the Cracow's market
looking like. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people was dancing and shouting
with the music rythmes played by DJ Namteh (Master of Polish DJs) and
Robert M (Cracov's DJ and producer). Hundreds of light and lasers from
every side of the scene made a great and breathtaking visual show. And
of course fireworks punctually at 00 o'clock made the sky brighter
than ever. Thousands of little flying stars made astonishing view for
all, it was like aurora, even better. The biggest hit of clubs was,
chosen by people, Super Bomb by Robert M, but every song was great and
made this party happier with every minute.
In that day, there was no better place to spend time, that special
year-ending time. So, if you was one of the people there, you know
what I'm writing about, but if you wasn't there, com and visit us next
year with KrakowShuttle!