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Tadeusz Kościuszko was a famous politician and soldier. For Poles and Americans he was a hero, symbol of courage and indepedence. He was fighting for United States freedom, but for us important is that he was a leader in Kościuszko's insurrection against foreign invaders, who divided Poland between themselves. As you can remember our beautiful country disappeared from World's map for ovet 120 years, because of hostile activity of German,
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Russia and Austria. After his dead Polish nation in act of thanksgiving built for him a symbolic gravestone, which could simultaneously gratitude's monument, so they pilled up a mound. The mound was followed Wanda's and Krak's Mound in Cracow, but is the highest of all, because he was situated on Sikornik hill. In 1997 big flood destroyed this monument, but fans of Mound gathered a money to reconstruction. The new Mound was opened in 2002, and since then it's opened for visitors. On the top is situated a view terrace, on which you can see whole Cracow's panorama. If weather is appropriate, you can see even Polish and Slovakian mountains. If you want to visit it you can go there by bus number 100 and 101.Entrance is payable! On the other hand you can visit Kościuszko' s Mound during the trip to Auschwitz, which is organised by Krakow Schuttle