Are you keen on history and already saw all of best monuments of
Cracow? Here's the option and very must-see monument thats probably
unknown by tourist. It's Manor i Prądnik Biały, one of Cracows
This magic place is in the end of Prądnicka's street.
Let the story begin. It's year 1505 and Cracow's bishop starts
building this palace in Italian style. Just imagine that great times,
beautiful women and evening gowns and smokings. Many polish writers
and poets visited this place, like Jan Kochanowski or Łukasz Górnicki
and Mikołaj Rej. But in the end of 18th century Manor was completely
destroyed, but, good for us, quickly rebuild. Let's jump to 20th
century, in middle 70's the place was addapted for the Family Culture
Center and started whole new project supporting almost every kinds of
art, for example Jazz Evenings and Theater School for youngest. Many
big polish and worldwide singers concerted there, with many trouble
and funny situations. Once upon of time the Moscow Quarted arrived in
only half, because other half had some problems on border and had to
play without instruments and light in the manor's basement because of
low power and problems with electricity.
Now the manor's activity will celebrate 35th birthday. And it's still
working on full power, with electricity, without problems.