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St. Thomas Street is the second perpendicular street on north side of the Main market Square. Maybe therefore hardly ever visited by visitors whose walking to the Market Square. Bu this street hides many interesting places. The most important, famous and magical place is the alley of doubting Thomas, which is situated on the curve of the street. We can visit romantic cafe or go to Camelot Cafe, where old traditional interior shows us to another, past word. Visitors can eat a dinner there, drink cup or coffe, eat famous apple-pie or see Nikifor painings. For Cracovian bohemae it’s a saint place.

For hungry men  I recommend Pizzeria & Wine-Bar „Pod Amorem”, when you can taste real italian pizza from bread’s oven, and drink glass of wine from a cask.

For somebody who loves oldschool style I suggest to go to Społem Pub, which represents original socialist style from communist Poland. So you can listen to music from 60’s, 70’s,and 80’s. and you can taste a cult orangeade and look at the props and souvenirs from the past.

After exhausting day I advise to rest in nice apartment for example

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