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Cracow is famous for restaurants and pubs, but for the Cracovians the highets value have a cafes, especially the oldest, with old tradiotions, where you can get a deep breath of history. Exactly such is Jama Michalika, one of the oldest cafes in Cracow.

Jama Michalika (Michalik's Cavern) is opened since 1898. Cafe is situated on the most famous street in Cracow – Floriańska 45.  Just location of the cafe couses that it became famous. Why? Because nearby are located university, so artist and writers, used to come and talk about their ideas and works. That's why this place quickly bacame the heart of cracovian boheme.

Since 1905 cabaret Green ballon (Zielony balonik) exhibits there a performances and cribs. Artists of this cabaret invented the name of Jama Michalica, because the local has no the windows, only big half -round entrance, which is similar to an entrance to cavern.

For attentnion deserves also stained-glass window's roof, made by Henryk Uziembła. A decor is based on caricatures, paintings and posters. Up to this days maintained the first furniture with green upholstery, doors, mirrors, and lamps from the beginning of Jama Michalika

Inside you can taste delicious and famous cakes,called Cracovian Cheesecake, Wawel, Michalik Mariacki or Barbican, and you could taste the traditional polish cuisine.