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Snow is everywhere! Covered streets and pavements. It's the greatest time to skiing! Pack your ski and skishoes and go to Tatra mauntains. You didn't thought about skiing in Poland? You don't have a ski? Don worry! You may book a one day trip for example with They'll do everything instead of you! Two hours from Cracow and you are in Zakopane- the winter capital of Poland The Zakopane is a town around the mauntains. There are plenty of kinds ski lifts; from a T-bar lifts to chairs lifts. Zakopane has a special atmosphere, created by highlanders, whos live there.  They wear special traditional clothes and prepare orginal dishes, characteristic for Podhale region, so tourists have to disposal many pubs and restaurant when it serves kwaśnica soup or oscypek cheese on many forms. Visitors  also can listen to highlannders's music and enjoy beautiful views behind the windows, so Zakopane is ideal place for lover of snow's sports!