If you're in Jewish District (in Polish called Kazimierz) and you want to save some time & money, why don't you choose a  self-service restaurant called Polakowski, located on Miodowa 39. The restaurant is small and usually crowdy, as lots of Poles working and living nearby choose to have a lunch there. Probably after sitting inside for about 30 minutes all your clothes will be smelling like a chicken with potatoes but no worries – if you're planning to continue your city walk noone won't notice. Despite of bad ventilation and small space, restaurant offers wide choose of Polish specialities including dumplings, selection of meats and soups.

Vegetarians will enjoy pancakes with spinach and dumplings with cheese. Every day, Polakowski offers also a meal od the day. Prices start from 8 PLN (2 €), for a menu od the day (soup and main meal you will pay something about 25 PLN (so 6,25 €) and it's really delicious!  We recommend barszcz (bortsh) with egg and dumplings (especially with cottage cheese) but better ask about menu of the day! Almost all the staff speak more or less English (at least understend) and they have a menu in English so you shouldn't have any problem with communication.Bon apetit!