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The Pijarska Street runs straight to the urban walls from st. Marek Street to Szpitalna Street and runs next to Floriańskas gate. In this place Pijarska Street connects with Floriańska Street. I suppose that you  know when we are now.

The part of Pijarska Street is called Gallery of Floriańskie Walls. Floriańskie Walls are used by students of Academy of Art, whose present there their paintings. If you choose smoe painting, you can of course buy it for a great souvenir!

You can sightseeing also the Deffensive Walls, which re the part of Cracows Historical Museum. At the same time you can visit Barbican, round deffensice structure. From time to time exhibitions or tournament of fencingtake place there. Every June you can see there also a knight's tournament.

You cannot forget about of Gallery Pijar's Crypt under the church where you can see individual Polish artists works.

For thirsty and hungry man I reccommend Cafe Old Walls. In the summer you can sit in the garden and have a good chill with a bottle of polish beer!