It was 1937, the shadow of war was over whole Europe. In this year enamel dishes factory started production. 2 years later, in 1939 German businessman Oscar Schindler took over the factory and started big changes. He rebuild old buildings, added social places, his apartment and production halls. When the war begins, the production is on top.

In the same time the Holocaust began, as the Second World War. Concentration camps appeared more often than shopping centers, Jewish people were confused how to save life of them and their family. And then their ways crosses.

Oscar Schindler, to save Jewish people, make for them places to work. Thanks to that a few hundreds of people can survive from German occupation. In next years after opening Oscar moved all Jews to Czech Republic.

Now Cracow‘s museum is there with constant exhibition about town’s war history.

There is a novel about whole that story, written by Thomas Keneally Schindler’s Ark and a movie directed by Steven Spielberg named Schindler’s list.

A bit of gossip:

In 1943 Schindler’s factory produced mess-tins, detonators and cartridge cases for Wermacht’s Soldiers.