Every tourist know this strange building. But do they really know something else about it besides that’s the biggest billboard? Probably not, so educate now now and read this story. Not so long time ago, in 1978 , the building began. Ten years later this huge enterprise of InterContinental Hotels Groups was over. And voila, the 4-star hotel projected by Janusz Ingarden in city center was opened. In that times it was one of the most modern buildings in whole Cracow. Maybe now it’s very usual, but over 20 years ago photocell doors, self-flushing water in toilets

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and air conditioning was just like the cosmic technology. The hotel, as I said, was huge. about 3 hundreds rooms, 19 penthouses, swimming pool, sauna, solarium, SPA, tennis courts, mini-golf, hair-dresser, casino, 2 restaurants, grill bar, drink bars, 2-level parking, 6 conference halls for over 6 hundreds people. Can you really imagine that? In present – of course, but 20 years ago, never! In 2001 hotel was bought by Sofitel company and generally closed 9th November 2002, because of undermining the foundations by Vistula. What’s weird in that? In 2007 Building Inspection made a report, which appointed that the building is still in good condition. Still interested? Watch the movie.