Brand new Cloth Hall invites us to rebuilt Museum, where we can admire great works of mainly polish artists like Matejko or Malczewski. Now the gallery is divided by art streams and we can also marvel amazing view of Main Square from sight-terrace. The history has been opened since 1884, when firs exhibition was showed. First painting was Nero's torches made by Henryk Siemiradzki. But the monument is much older, was many times destroyed and rebuilt. Current look of Cloth Hall is from 1879, but in 2010 the general renovation has ended.

Now you can sightsee the museum in 2 ways, starting from Siermiadzki's Nero's torches or Chełmoński's The Fourth. New thing is special hall with religious art. In 70. years of last century there was no possibility to create such a thing because of lack of space. You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday in 10 AM to 8 PM. Prices are quite nice: regular price is 12 zł (ca. 4€) or student's price 6 zł (ca. 2€). 

No barriers, no problems

Museum is fully adapted for handicapped, so theres great opportunity to spread this information around. Now if you have some disabilities you can use special elevator to get to every building's level. There are few special halls, one of them, called Media library, where you can watch every painting of piece of art on computer screen, zoom it and hear all the history about it.

I'm going deeper underground!

New thing is ability to sightsee the Undergrounds of Square Market. It's full interactive performance 4 meters below the ground, when we can touch the history from over 9th century from now. Even if it's not you favorite topic, you have to be there to experience this kind of sightseeing.

“Archeological works that started in summer 2005, and supposed to last for 6 months, were extended after the scale and importance of the activity to be carried out was realized. In the end excavation of the area under the eastern part of Cracow's Main Square was completed after 5 years. This should not be a big surprise considering the archeological layers of the Main Square contain 1000 years of history. The result of this research is presented in the underground exhibition, whose main aim is to present very close connections between Middle Age Cracow and other Middle Age European cities.”

That info straight from  the official site. I can just add that is you won't visit this place, you'll make a terrible mistake 😉 It's new point in old Cracow on the ToDo&See list.

Openin hours: from Wednesday to Monday: 10 AM till 8 PM, Tuesday only till 4 PM. Regular price is 13 zł (ca. 4€), concession (student a.s.o.) 10 zł (ca. 3€).