If you're vegetarian or just simply you can imagine having a meal without chicken or beef try MOMO Vegan Restaurant, situated in the Jewish District (Kazimierz). It's not easy to find it but if you have a map of Krakow you should be fine…the exact adress is 49, Josepha Dietla Street. That's a small self-service restaurant, with aprox. 10 tables inside – menu is written on the blackboard so better check over there what's a speciality of the day as they're usually delicious. If it's not written in English, ask the staff as they all speak English. What about the food? I can definetely recommend Thali – brown rice with spinach, beans, batatas with veggies with white sauce.

You should also try Masala Dosa and dumplings which look like Dim Sum Japanese Dumplings. I'm also a great fan of Sambar – Indian soup which is perfect for cold days! OK, but if you don't feel like having vegetarian lunch (or you're not a vegetarian like me) you can always stop by at Momo and try delicious cakes and tartas, all organic and healthy. Then order to drink lassi, fresh carrot juice or Tchai and you will feel like in a top-rated oriental restaurant. Mmmm, but I still didn't mention a word about prices: no worries, it's really cheap, for lunch you will pay about 25 PLN (soup, meal, drink). As you can see, oriental doesn't really mean expensive! The only thing you should remeber is that they don't accept credit cards so better take some PLN with you. BTW if you're staying in Krakow for longer han a weekend check out posters and flyers which you can find at MOMO – they offer plenty of workshops, youga sessions etc. and some of them are veven free of charge. Yummy!