Did you know that in Wawel lived and ruled the greatest kings of Poland? They walked through the passage, and looking down on Cracow. Today every may to feel like king, and see the places, when history was created. But sightseeing the Wawel isn't a one day trip, because to get a in sufficient detail knowledge, visitors need to give a attention for a few days. For example at first day I encurage to visit Cathedral of Wawel and graves of Polish kings. Next atraction could be seeing Zygmunt's Bell. It's great ocasion to see a view of Cracow from high level. When you will near Zygmunt's Bell you should touch

the heart of bell, because it brings lucky. After rest in apartment for example it's good to see Crown Treasury and Armoury: huge cannons and swords will transfer you on field of battle. After sightseenig I suggest to walk through the Wisła, or drink cup of coffee on Kazimierz. The third day should belong to private or and official king's apartment. Visitors can see spatial rooms with beautiful antique furniture, walk through the passage to arrived to the Envoys' Room, when ough to give a bow in front of the king.