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Who really Wanda was and who pilled up a grave mound for her? As the legend says Wanda was Crakow's funder son's wife.

Long time ago, one of Crakow's rulers was visiting his family and there he met Wanda, beautiful blond hair and blue eyed woman. It was love from the first sight, Wanda moved to Krakow and they merried. Everybody fell in love with her as the king. Pure happiness. But suddenly Krak died and made Wanda a widow. As queen she summoned  the Council and said:

-I know what the tradition is and what are you expecting. I ought to stand near to my husband, servants, horses and all things and get burned with them.

Ther was ad dead silence till one councilor said:

-Lady, nobody expect your death. There is only your judgment, anything you want, we will do.

These words made Wanda happier, she decided to commemorate her dead husband by her life, so nobody had to die with the king.

In short time  prince Rydgier came to visit Cracow. When he saw Wanda he fell in love that strong, that he said:

– If Wanda won't marry me, I will bring my army here and destroy this town!

Council was begging Wanda to save the city. She knew that she will have to pay off her debts. She made a huge party for whole town and prince Rydgier. When everybody went home, she went to the Vistula boulevard, jumped into and sink. She sacrifice her live to save the city. When the prince got that information, he killed himself by sword. The city was save now.

Next day after her death, citizens found her body, and probably there they built a mound, as high as Krak's.

The firsts mentions about the mound came from XIII century.  In that time it was a famous grave. And from this place the village next to grave get a  name: Mogiła  (the grave).

Today Wanda's grave Mound is situated in Nowa Huta, the district, which was built after II World War by communist. Is situated in neighborhood of metallurgical combine.  The grave  is sill one of the biggest evidence of human activity in these place.

The historians says that the grave is from VII or VIII Century, but other says that it's  from I century. Probably it was a cult place. We don't know this surely, because there's no archaeological research there, but I think the legend about Wanda enough..

How to arrive to Wanda's grave mound? For example by tram 17 or 21, or if you are in group to take advantage of Krakow Shuttle' help

Entrance on the Mound is free!