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I would like to present second part 10 of the best Museums in Cracow

6. Old Synagogue, at 24 Szeroka street is the oldest synagogue in Poland and it is one of the most worthy historical monument for Jews in Europe. Up to 1939 it was main religious, cultural, social, and organization center for Jewish community. In Old Synagogue you can see the exhibition, commemorating history and culture of Jews.

7. Museum of Aviation, 39 Jana Pawla II street. The museum is situated in old airport “Rakowice Czyżyny”. There is over 200 real, full-size airships. The museum organizes educational events educational character or historical conferences. Few times in a year there's also huge music festivals like Coke Live Music Festival or Selector.

8. Cathedral Museum, 3 Wawel. Many Polish kings and leaders was burried in Cathedral. From Władysław I Łokietek, to August II Mocny with their families, Józef Piłsudski, Tadeusz Kościuszko or Władysław Sikorski. There are also graves of the gratest poets and bishops. On attention deserve the bones  under the front doors. Somebody tells that these bones belongs to Wawel'sDragon. When you wiil be visiting Wawel you cannot forget about Zygmunt's bell, and beautiful view from bell-tower.

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9. The Hipolits' House, 3 Mariacki Square. In two-story apartment is located the exhibit “house of townsmen”, which shows how Cracovians lived from XVII to XIX century. The building belonged to Hipolit's family, it was many times reconstructed, and in 2003 was handed down to National Museum. You can see there fantastic pieces of old furniture and feel the atmosphere of Cracow.

10. City of Krakow History Museum, Krzysztofory palace at 35 Rynek Glowny (Main Square).  The mission of the museum is cultivating local traditions like Lajkonik, Bractwo Kurkowe (Kurkowe Broderhood) or cracovian cribs. In Krzysztofy you can see constant exposition about traditional Cracow's history, which presents old weapons, artworks  and local souvenirs.