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In Mariacki Church on left side from entrance is situated St. Anthony Chapel which was called in the past the chapel of convicts. Murderers, thieves and rapers was there preparing to they execution. They had an

occasion to pray for they sins and confess. The priests was consoled their and gave a good word on last road. They have a chance for become converted and for repentance. In XVI century Master Agony Brotherhood was located in Cracow, which was called Good Death Brotherhood, because members of a order has a right to buyout one of the convicts, who has a chance on improvement himself. He stand under care the order up to the end of his life. Interesting rumour, that this Brotherhood still exist and in Good Friday their walk by gallery Franciscan Church in procession and pray. The wear black monk's habit with pointed hoods and

cane with skulls on the top. It's worthy to see it!

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