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One of the richest woman in the whole world was born in Kraków, exactly on Jewish district Kazimierz. She lived on Szeroka Street 14 with her father who was paraffin and eggs dealer.

Helena Rubinstein, about her I want to tell you, was the oldest daughter, and she escaped from Krakow, when she was forced to marry her father's friend, who she didn't truly loved. She escaped to Australia, and she took with a few jars with cream, which was made by Cracovian doctor – dr Lykusky. In Australia she earned a great fortune, preparing creams, produced on the grounds of  cracovian recipes.

Helene as first woman noticed what is important: advertiesment, legend and good press. Her competitor was a Elisabeth Arden. When one of them released a new product, next one did the same, but with better product.

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Rubinstein knew many famous personalities for example Picasso, Salvador Dali, who designed for her compact.

Helen Rubinsetein lived 93 years and earned milions of dolars, she collected beautiful things, but she was economical. Everybody knows her creams but almost nobody knows that she came from cracovian Kazimierz.