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St. John Street is one of the streets which look out from the Main Market Square. The first notices about the street came from XIV century.  The name came from the church of St. John the Babtist and St. John the Evangelist, which is situated on the corner of the St. John and St. Thomas Street. On St. John Street are located palaces of the greatest aristocratic cracovian family: Czartoryski, Lubomirski, and Popiel.

The main atraction St. John Street is Museum of Czartoryski, which now is unfortunately closed for renovation. But I hope that soon will be open. So we will could again admire the treasure of the Czartoryscy family, with the most famous painting: Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci.

After visit in museum I suggest a dinner, because surely you will be tired and hungry. I recommend french and italian cuisine “Trattoria & Cafe Pod Winogronami” or typical Polish cuisine “Polskie Jadło”, when you can taste polis beegee's or stuffed cabbage.

In the evening  St. John Street invite you to a party, which you can spend in Modern Cień or in Stalowe Magnolie Club After all night  dancing  you need be getrest, I suggest apartment near the Main Market Square

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