Cracow is a town of lanes. You can find many breath-taking streets with small alleys where time has stopped. I would like to show you a few.

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1. A passage between Meisellsa Street and Józefa Steet. When you will be there in the summer you can visit Pub Mleczarnia’s garden and drink a cold beer. In the winter I invite you inside for hot chocolate! It’s next to New Square. Don’t forget visit the Endzior and taste delicious toasts.

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2. Poselska Street, almost always empty so is the best to walking. You find it walking through Grodzka Street. Nearer the Grodzka Street is great Italian Restaurant Corleone.

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3. Czartoryscy’s Lane. You must go into Pijarska Street, when you will walk from Froliańska Gate. If you’re there, you should visit Museum of Czartoryscy.

4. Well known and the most famous Alley of Doubting Thomas. You can read abaut it here.

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