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Have you ever reflect, why on Ghetto's Heroes Square are the chairs? I'll tell you. During the Second World War the square was a center of Jewish Ghetto, and from this place Nazi took Jews to concentration camps. Very few of them survived, among of them survived a little boy, who today is a famous director, Roman Polański.

In 2005 the square has a deep modernisation, so from that time it became one of the most beautiful squares in Cracow. And it became a place of memory, which remind us about Jewish tragedy. There is an unusual monuments which enclose 33 chairs- symbolical monuments and 37 common chairs on which everybody can sit made of cast iron and bronze.

The idea to create this form of monument came from the Tadeusz Pankiewicz's book Apteka w getcie krakowskim ( The pharamacy in cracovian ghetto) in which the author writes about the chairs which were taken away from Jewish homes after depopulation. So sit, think and remember about people, whose lived there before the Second World War and died innocent.