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Every city his own strange building, which falls into ruin. In Cracow we have old hotel Forum, which isn't in bad condition. About it you can read here. Next building which dominates over the city center is skeleton. It is situated next to Mogilskie Roundabout. Now the damaged sky-scraper is one of the biggest area for billboards. The building of “Skeletor” started in 1975 and it's 92 meters high. It could be the highest building in Poland! After 4 years the building stopped

because of the economic reasons. Through the years there was many ideas what to do witch “skeleton”. In 80's there were plans to finish the building which would be place for workers from foundry (from New Still Mill). In 90's they were planning to open a hotel in this place. In 2004 British company suggested to pull it down. But up to this day the building stays in the same place. In 2007 skeleton was sold. The new owner wants to refresh and reconstruct building. Probably it will be higher, for 92 meters might increase to 102 meters. It should be finished on Euro 2012. The skeleton will be a luxurious hotel with garden on the top, available for every who will be want to see a panorama of Cracow. Maybe it stop frighten the Cracovians and visitor! We will see!

one of the projekt. Photo form,85301,5088958,_Szkieletor__jak_Empire_State_Building.html