Cracow is magical, we all know this. There are a lot of strange and fancy restaurants all over here. But there’s one very special. Do you remember your biology lessons? Playing with skeleton or stethoscope? This place’ll take you back to this memories. It’s called Clinica Smaku (Taste Clinic). They are specialized in Italian cuisine and vegetarian/healthy food.

Girls, who works there, are dressed like nurses in light-blue gowns and stethoscopes. All menu is made in hospital and biological style, so we can order meals like: DNA, Migraine or Cheese-therapy. In my opinion the best is parpadelle pasta with grilled chicken in cheese and herbs sauce.

There are a lot of promotions, like happy hours, when you can buy one drink and get two of them.

This gr8 local is near Wolnica’s Square and Krakowska St. Find Joseph St. and number 4 and you’ll be right there. Bon apetit!

PS. You can also order som food by phone, check full offer: