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This streat is exactly extension of square with old synagogues, palaces and charming flats from XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. In middle-ages Szeroka Street (the Wide Street) was a center of Buffalo Village, which was connected to Kazimierz after location in 1340. The legend says that in Szeroka St. were first buildings of Jagiellonian University, but there’s no proof of it.

In 1495 Polish Jews arrived to Kazimierz, and since that time whole district became a Jewish town. In XVI century the Old Synagogue was built, and only half century later second one- Remuth. Later smaller synagogues, for example Wolf Popper’s Synagogues has arisen, but almost all were destroyed by Nazis during the Second World War.

There is Jewish Bath on Szeroka Street 6 since 1567. It was rebuilt many times, and the present shape has from begin of XIX century.

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You should know that in this little park, before the Second World War was little cemetery. According to the legend, probably there took place a Jewish wedding. It started on Friday afternoon and protracted to late evening, despite reproof of Rabin. Then Rabin casted a spell, and the flat get fat under ground.

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Once more. If you’re walking from Miodowa Street turn your attention on the first restaurant on the left. In shop window stays a rocking horse. As the legends says a poet looked on this window shop and wrote a simple song, which is know for every Poles,and sounds : The Wide Streat! Shop Window! That’s here. You astonished stopped for a moment. (…) little horse, from a wood a rocking horse. Usual toy-little seesaw, but can rock and get fun.”