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Żywieccyzna is a region, which is covered of mountains, called Beskidy. Shape of area has shaped charakters of citizens, whos created unusual society. Agriculture and pasturing of ships was the main source of livelihood. Besides society of Żywiecczyzna aren’t cultural homogeneous. In XVI century to Żywiecczyzna arrived Wołosi from the Balkan Penisula, so exactly therefore highlanders form Żywiecczyzna have a orginal rituals and traditions.

For example at Christmas time they walk from door to door with star on stick and singing christmas caroll, characteristic for Żywiecczyzna. Higlanders talk in local dialect up to this day. On the other hand in holidays they usually wear local clothes, and eat tipical dishes.

Higlanders from Żywiecczyzna are very attached to music and singing. They make use of every occasion to play and have fun. Higlanders weddings ale full of rituals, colors, music and singing. Sometimes it is a magical, spectacular show.

Żywiecczyzna’s history is strongly connected with history of Żywiec town, which folklore belongs to urban folklor, and is different as rest of region. But the most characteristic for Żywiecczyzna and Żywiec is Żywiec Brewery, which belonged to aristocratic family: the Habsburgs. The family possessed all the area, and highlanders has worked off serfdom for the Duch.

Nowadays Brewery is one of the most popular in Poland. In old part is interactive museum, where visitors may touch and taste everything what there is. At the end visitors get a gifts: tankard and delicious Żywiec beer.

So if you are in Cracow on holiday, you should reserve one day to visit Żywiec’s museum for example with, to meet highladers from Żywiecczyzna, to know unusual culture and enjoy beautiful mauntains.