As we can see outside, Sun is higher and higher every day, days are longer and the temperature is growing instantly. It’s time to have some fun outside! So gram you friends and let’s go to the Garden of Experiments! It’s near M1 on Nowa Huta. What’s to do there? Let’s see.

Inside is a lot of bigger or smaller places where you can do some experiments on your own, as checking the different pressures in pipes or became a part of huge human-kaleidoscope. Whole physic laws are used in Garden to make you happy and wiser in really funny way. There are sectors like: voice, energy or sight-illusions.

There is another attraction, my favorite of course, called Zorbing ball. It’s a huge inflated ball with place for one person inside. So you are getting inn and roll down the hill and try not to fell down (or out in some exceptions :)!

It’s about 2 months to Garden get opened, but reserve your time now for a enormous amount of fun and education! Prices are very low, only 3 or 4 Euro, if you are student, you can, as always, save some money for other attractions!