The most famous restaurant in Krakow, the place, where Caesars and Kings were meeting in past. Can you even imagine how old is that place? Since 1345 passed 666 years! Quite creepy number, isn’t it?

About the restaurant: it serves traditional polish cuisine, situated on Main Square Market, covers 3 floors, 8 rooms and cafeteria.

History is more colorful, that you can imagine. In A.D. 1364 The King of Poland – Kasimir the Great held a great feast to celebrate the wedding for his ground-daughter. Mikolaj Wierzynek was asked to host the event. And he done his best. He invited all great kings and emperors from Hungary, Denmark, Cyprus, as well as other monarchs and magnates.

As the chronicles and witnesses says, the tables were groaning with food and drinks, whole celebration last for 20 days and night without any pause, while debating the current political issues in Europe. Upon departure, the generous merchant presented each guest with a splendid gift – gold and silver tableware.

Until these days Wierzynek is very popular instead of high prices. Because you paying also for history and traditions. Think about it, how many times can you eat in such a place, where one day the kings were having similar party as you know.