As the whole Krakow history, the town was always connected with religion, usually represented by Benedictines. Wandering along Vistula Boulevards, you can get to the Benedictine Abbey in 30 minutes admiring beautiful views of Krakow’s panorama. You can also use your bike or blades to get there or simply call to KrakowShuttle and reserve a tour.

Through the long history of the Abbey, it was many times de- and reconstructed, renovated and still growing up. Since 1044, when the Abbey was founded by Kazimir The First, whole complex was highly demaged, first time in XIV century by Chechs and Tatars, then by XVII century wars. And of course it’s still there, 2 times changed the building style, first it was romanesque style, to lastly stay at rococo and baroque.

Now in Abbey is of course Church and the Museum and Benedictine Couture Institute. You can also buy probuct branded by Benedictians like jams, beer, herbs and other healthy things to grow up in strength and faith :)

From intresting things I’ve chosen 2:

First, The famous polish movie based on Sienkiewicz’s trilogy was made there, With Fire and Sword of course.

Second, my favorite, I found info that you can rent a cell and spend there a night-without-technology to clear your mind and rest :)

So, as Spring i coming, take some sunglasses and made a short trip to breath fresh air near the city center!