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If you are planning to visit Krakow on spring, you cannot forget about Bay in Zakrzówek. It begun in 1990, after water logging of old limestone’s quarry. Zakrzówek’s lagoon enclose two storages which are connected by narrow channel. Shore of bay is the most favourite place of resting for Cracovians. But swimming in lagoon is forbidden. In spite of it visitor arriving there and admire beautifull views. Zakrzówek is not for swimmers but for divers. If you want to see, what is under sheet of water you should to the Centre of Diving “Kraken”, because they leasse the bay. You’ll could divie on 7-21 meters depth. Under water you can see a car (Big Fiat), bus, van, boat etc. You can also see the a memorial plaque, which inform us about Karol Wojtyła, who worked there during the Second World War. In neighborhood are situated Twardowski’s Rocks, the name probably came from the Master Twardowski -wizard, who has a school of magic and wizardry. After the explosion of his laboratory came into being a rocks. From this

time everybody call them Twardowski’s Rocks The rocks are used by Cracovian climber. There are many climb’s roads with constant belay. You must be carreful because the roads ale very slippery!