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On the right side of Wisła is situated grave mound, which name is Krak or Krakus. Rumour says that founder of Cracow – Krak – was burried inside. From him the maund takes name. The grave prapably was pilled up by his two sons, to comemorate great father. But the scienntists connect the Krak’s Mound with Celtic culture, because azimuth between Kraks’s Mound and Wanda’s Mound is the same with azimuth of sunrise at day of first May, which was a very important date for the Celtic culture.

At the foot of the Mound, once a year, in Tuesday after Easter, holyday of Rękawka takes place, when knights used to throw away money and food to people standing lower. Nowadays, since 2001, we can celebrate it again, in other form. A lot preformances refers to Middle age life, fights, cuisine and more.

How to arrive to Krak Grave Mound? The Mound is situated in Podgórze. You can get there by tram 7. or 24. and get off at Powstańców Wielkopoksich’s bus-stop and take a walk till Kopiec Krakusa Street, or if you are in group I suggest to rent a tour with

Entrance on the Mound is free!