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It’s one of the most famous castle in Poland. It’s situated under Dunajec river in Pieniny, near Tatra Mountains. It was built on 566 high rock hill and it’s in great condition.

On courtyard you can see a deep well. As the legend says the well was connected with Dunajec and it was used to escape, because it has been digged by Tatares captives. Other legend says that there was a prison under the castle, where Janosik was imprisoned- the most famous brigand – hero, similar to Robin Hood. But the truth is that, that Janosik was a Slovak, and he has never been to Tatra’s Mountains.

Other stories say that in 1946 on Niedzicia Castle node’s script written by Inkas was found. After discovery the founder, Andrzej Benesz, has died in a car accident in unaccountably circumstances. Legend says that there was information about the treasure. But after discovery the document was given back to Peruvian government to translate and every track has disappeared.

Last legend, which tells about Brunhilda and Bogusław, who has lived in castle. They were arguing all the time. The owners of the castle can’t stand with the couple, so they told them that they should live in castle’s tower. One day they’ve argued so much that Bogumil smacked Brunhilda so hard, that she fell out from tower into well. Bogumil was devastated. He was walking on passages and repeating all the time: “Forgive me Brunhilda”. And when he stood by the well and said this words, from well Brunhilda answered “I forgave you bald Bogumil”. He was astonished of that she said “bald”, he has rampant hairs. But next day he woke up and noticed that he became a bald. From that time everybody who tells them guilts under this well can be sure that next day will became bald.

In Niedzica you can go sightseeing a castle, chambers and museum, after this, you can eat a dinner in castle’s restaurant and it’s also great occasion to admire a beautiful views od Pieniny Mauntains, Czorsztyński Dam, and sometimes Tarta Mauntains

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