Not long time ago Cracow, as not many cities, had its own brewery with 160 years tradition! Imagine the taste of beer made with old recipes in Culture Capital of Europe. It’s just incomparable taste, smell and color, like dark Bernstein or gold caramel.

A bit of history: in 1840 the complex was raised on Lubicz Street 13-17, surrounded by by Jesuit’s garden. First it was called John’s Brewery, then after selling it to John Götz-Okocimski in 1904, changed its name to Götz’s Krakows Brewery and Malt Products Factory. In that time whole brewery was enhanced and became the biggest and best Brewery in whole Galicia.

In 1930 the Huge Crisis had begun, so demanding for beer was very low. In 1931 the owner died, and his son got the directors role. In 1936 was a big strike in mill which caused stop the production and lost a lot of receivers.

In Second World War complex got little damages and restarted production in 1945, whole property was still in Götz’s family. In 1946 it got nationalized and in 55-68 got intimate modernization. In 1988, after increasing of quality, beer called Krak Pils succeeded on Expo, but it was the last award for it. Because of problems with expansion in center of the city, in 2001 Calsberg, contemporary owner, decided to shut down production.

Since 1985 Cracow’s Brewery is on the Monuments Registry, and since 6.4.2006 it’s one of Cracow’s Technology Route position.