The monument of the most faithful dog in the world is near Wawel Castle and Grunwaldzki Bridge. Dżok’s (spell. jok) story, because about him I’m writing know, starts in very sad moment. One day, he was wandering with his master near Vistula. Suddenly, the man had a heart attack and died. Sad dog for over one year was looking for his Master around the Vistula. After that time he decided to find knew Master and he has been adopted by Maria Muller. But after this women died, he left and died under the train.

The monument says: The most faithful canine friend, ever epitomising a dogs boundless devotion to his master. Throughout the entire year /1990-1991/ Dżok was seen waiting in vain at the Rondo Grunwaldzkie roundabout to be fetched back by his master, who had passed away at the very site.