Have you ever heard about new tradition in big cities like Paris, Rome, Florence, Moscow and so on? In this cities there’s one bridge dedicated for lovers. Watt’s that tradition I’m talking about? Every happy couple during sightseeing locks a padlock on the bridge and throw away the keys for a sign of their endless love. Isn’t it romantic? Of course it is.

Cracow has that bridge too, it’s called Father Bernard’s Footbridge and connects two districts – Kazimierz and Podgórze. Years ago, since 1801, there was Carols Bridge, but it was destroyed by the biggest flood in Cracows Chronicles in 1813. Current construction is very modern and interesting. It received two awards since it’s opened: for intresting construction and for great illumination.

If you want to lock a padlock there , it’s best to visit the bridge in the evening, it looks gorgeous then. After that you can visit come cafeteria near Jewish Market to commemorate this special day.