If you’re thinking about great composer – Chopin – whats the first thought do you have? Probably it’s the grand piano. To commemorate Chopin in Cracow, city authorities decided to build fountain connected with artist’s life. Since 2004 we can admire it near Cracows Philharmonic. What is it? It’s half sinked grand piano projected by Maria Jerema, statue-maker and painter.

All project was made in 1949 for contest for the best Chopin commemorative statue in 1949. Then project was lying in Museum and wasting its potential. In 1999, 40 years after Jaremkos death, authorities decided to built fountain in pace of little, ugly thing there. 5 years later whole has ended and now we can admire beautiful sculpture with great illuminations.

To get there, just make a walk throw Plants near Philharmonic, best time is in the evening, after you can visit restaurant Pod Wawelem, drink some hot tee or wine and delight the view of Royal Castle during the sunset .