Days are becoming longer and warmer, only a few days separate us from changing to summer time. So If we can now spend more time outside, let’s find some interesting places!

I thing that one of most famous place is Jordan’s Garden (named from Henry Jordan – professor, not Michael Jordan – basketball player :). It was adapted in 1889 in place of Rular-Industry Expo. Until 1914 town managed 42 torsos of famous polish writers, actors, scientists and Jordan too. There was a tennis courts, swimming pool and helter-skelter, but Second World War damaged it very hardly.

Nowadays, Jordan’s Garden is between 3 Maja, Reymont and Reyman Street. There is a basketball field, soccer field, volleyball field, skate park, little lake, 2 playgrounds, concert shell and cafeteria. There’s no entrance fee, place is open from 6 AM till 10 PM.