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Dragon’s Den is situated at the foot of a Wawel Hill. With this cave ist connected a legend about Wawel Dragon, which ist one of the symbols of Krakow. The dragon was killed by brave shoemaker, who got in return Krak’s doughter as wife. You can see a monument of dragon in front of exit from the den. If you want to see how he yawn of fire, you can send a massage “smok” on number 7168!

But dragon’s den still exist. You can go sightseeing and feel the atmophere of mistery. The den was well-known through the years. In the past inside was a towern and (!) house of ill fame.

Dragon’s Burrow is one of the most famous atraction in Krakow. It have 81 meters long, and have three chambers. its open from 10.00 am to 5 pm, and the ticket costs 3 PLN.

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