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It’s situated on Krzemionki, in picturesque hollow after exploitatnion of limestones. The park has a 8.5 ha, came from end of XIX century, and it was created on place old guarry. Its founder was Wojciech Bednarski, ex-councillman od Krakow he created it, because he loved Podgórze so much. Up to this day it is popularly believed that it is the most beautiful green place in Krakow.

You can walk on charming lanes, and watch magnificjent little rocks. There is nice playground and plenty of cycle path, so in two words: is familiar and resortly.

In the park is a little elevation, with from you can observe a panorama of the park, and you can see st. Józef church.

Interesting is that, that by every lane rise diffrent kind of trees. For example you can walk on lane, where are only ashes, or only maple trees.

I invite on walk!

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