Bonarka City Center, new shopping and free-time-spending place has been opened in 2009, and it’s modern interpretation of city roads and market squares. But there’s a great story behind this modern scenery. Since the end of 19th century there was a concrete manufacture, which few times changed its name to finally stay at ‘Chemical Industry Bonarka’ and got closed in 2003.

But years of not paying attention, left property gone wasted. And then town found a new investor, who got a vision of this place as a new ‘money temple’. To prepare terrain for rebuilding and reopening he had to:

Deactivate chemical substances left by last owner (when it was a concrete manufacture);

Rebuilt water and warming infrastructure;

Rebuilt roads to make easier getting to the shopping center.

Nowadays, after about one year after opening, Bonarka has huge multitude of clients, because it’s a connection of big Cinemaplex (about 30 cinemahalls), restaurants and of course shops. It’s the biggest shoping center in Krakow, so you will probably find anything you’re looking for!

You can get to Bonarka by bus from Grunwaldzki’s Bridge (every which goes to Bieżanów or Prokocim, busstop Bonarka).