Zygmunt’s Chapel, also known as Jagiellonian or King’s Chapel, is one of 19 chapels on Wawel. German art historian Essenwein called this particular one pearl of the Renaissance in this side of Alps. It’s an example of Florence architecture out of Italy. Chapel was built to commemorate deth of Barbara Zapoly, Zygmunt’s first wife. He asked Florentine artist, Bartolommeo Berrecci and in 1517 he show first plans of the chapel. Whole building was made from 1519 to 1526, when cupper dome was situated. Lower part is square, on this is eight-sided drum supporting the dome. In first version there’s only Zygmunt’s the Old tomb,

but after Zygmunts Augusts death, it was lift up and put there a sculpture of last of the Jagiellonians. Statuu of Zygmunt’s the Old waking up was made by Berrecci, Zygmunt August’s was made by Santi Gucci. Altar was made by norymbergian artist from 1531- 1538 in project by Hans Durer, and sides were painted by Jerzy Pencz. You can visit Wawel Castel from 6am till night (it’s always said near cashpoints).