Magic Krakow is a kind of city, which never falls asleep. Of course not because of working, but partying! If you’re planning to visit Krakow, you should definitely visit tenement on Wielopole 15 Street. Why this place is special? Imagine old house in the city center, normal one, with old locators with dogs and cats. Subtract locators, add some chairs and tables. Subtract other furniture. Add DJs, whole visualizations. Equals old tenement fulfilled with clubs. And It is exactly what I’m talking about: 4 clubs, one place, all kinds of music. Totally must-go place! Clubs, which are there: Boston: -1 floor, has 2 bars, 2 dancefloors with other kinds of music. There’s also a smoking area. If you like electro, dubstep or drum’n’base music, check the schedule and go and trash your mind there. Caryca: + 1 floor, one bar, one dancefloor, smoking area. Totaly electro, minimal, techno, industrial and other. As in Boston, if you like to party hard, visit Caryca, you’ll totally fall in love with her. Łubu-Dubu: +1 floor, one bar, one dance floor with retro music. Are you listening to Presley, Jackson, Boney M? It’s you club surely. Music of 60, 70s, 80s and 90s, just old good song to bring back memories! Kitsch: +2 floor, 2 bars, 2 dancefloors, smoking area. As cracovian proverb says: every

way goes to Kitsch! Bigger dancefloor serves you pop music mixed by best DJs, dancing till the morning, as in song from dusk till dawn. It’s always full of cheerful people! Smaller dancefloor, called Off Centrum, specializes in mixing great hits into electro or drum’n’base or even dubstep remixes, always full of hard partying fanatics. And surprise! There’s a toast-bar on the ground floor, If you want to eat something hot (and 24/7 liquor store in front of the entrance, if you want to warm up in other way)