Always when I’m passing Vistula boulevards I’m thinking about stars built in the pavement. There’s most of polis, only two are foreign. Have you ever thought who are/were they? Let’s make a little revision:

First star, who get a star was Celine Dion in 28th of June 2008. Celine Dion is famous Canadian singer. She is very patriotic person, who, by singing, wants to educate people how to live propriet life without guns or drugs or wars even. She’s also known by Titanic Theme song: My heart Will Go On.

Not long after first, second star went to great polish band, Budka Suflera. This band started his playing in 1974 and still rocks on! They make rock, hard rock, and progressive rock music, so they should be quite popylar today, but probably they are to old for the youngest gruppies.

Krzysztof Krawczyk also got his own star there, his voice is incredible, he composes mostly blues ballads. Next to him lies another polish band, Wilki, which poles known because of song called Baśka. They’re playing rock and pop music. Last polish artist (for now) is Marek Grechuta, master of polish progressive rock scene. People love him because of songs like Krakow, when there’s raining on Bracka Street. He played with stars like Myslovitz (aka polish Coldplay).

The last star is special. It’s one and only to commemorate death of an artist. And this special one was of coure Michael Jackson, who I don’t need to describe.

Next time, when you will be passing this stars, remember their stories!