If you’re a party-harder and you love to party whole week, not only a weekend, be prepared for huge experience! Where2be collects all people in one club for the hugest party in town! A lot of people ,lots of drinks and los of best DJs!

So, every week starts from Monday. Yes, everybody hate this day, but not in Krakow! Every Monday we’re parting in Prozac on Dominikan’s Square! Music is from hip hop and r’n’b thru house to 80’s anthems! And, as for party-harders, all drinks are for half price, and free entrance if you’re on list or have an invitation card (info about being on list in the end) entrance is for free! Can’t miss it!

After Monday it’s of course Tuesday (if you’re not sleeping to long)! And then we’re moving to Ministerstwo (Ministry) on Szpitalna street! Mixer at Ministerstwo is a legendary (as Barney Stinson) party, from hip hop to nu-jazz aficionados music will make you burning on the dancefloor!

Wednesday, we can be sure that’s great time to start your weekend! And we’re starting it in Frantic on Szewska Street. You have there every kind of music on many dancefloors and free drinks for ladies till 11pm sponsored by Absolut Vodka. CANT MISS IT!

Thursday, unofficial first day of the weekend, first of course for most students and tourist, so mach more people everywhere! And, as you know: more people equals more party options! For this day Cien (en, Shadow) will be propriety to get wasted! It’s on Jana Street no. 15. Notice that: best girls will be there, best Polish girls, isn’t it obvious?

Okay, then there’s regular party in every club, but there’s a Sunday sometimes, yeah? So, it’s time for de(re)dox in Shakers on Szewska street (next to Frantic). And a lot ofpromos, like all drinks for ahalf price till11pm! Definitely place to check!

Few words about being on the list: you can sign yourself by internet at where2br.org or if you’re staying in hotel/hostel just ask receptionist about invitation card, they have plenty of this! So be prepared for best nights ever!