She’ll be home soon! After long European tournee, Lady with an Ermine will be back in Krakow in February.
However, to say her hello we will need to wait until May, because the portrait first few weeks will pass the test, then will wait for the end of the renovation of a new exposure.

“Lady …” enjoyed success with the audience all over the world. Long queues, tickets from scalpers, booking of several weeks in advance. She began her intendive travel in 2009, when she went to an exhibition of painting to Budapest. Last year, the work didn’t rest. First picture was shown at an exhibition in Warsaw, then in Madrid, Berlin, to land finally in London. February ends with the fifth exhibition in the local National Gallery.
We cannnot wait to see the painting again – and if you are planning to visit Krakow in May consider buying tickets to museum in advance, I think that there will be a reaaaly long queue also at her hometown.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza, Photo: Bartosz Bobkowski/Gazeta Wyborcza