Krakow is famous for many coffeehouses, pubs, restaurants. Places where people go for a cup of coffee, beer mug, shoot of vodka, glass of wine… Where they rest, have a nice talk, meet friends, enjoy friday evening or simply have some fun before going out for a party. In Krakow all the tourists and citizens are always invited to barge into those places by many advisers. However, all the really great travelers are looking for some extraordinary places with history and atmosphere. For the places that are real but magical. If you happen to be one of them you can’t miss Jama Michalika – the oldest cafe for aritists in Krakow! Jama Michalika is located on Florianska street just like when it was established in 1895 by Jan Michalik. That place very quickly turned out to be the most stylish place in Krakow. However, in that moment the best times of that place were about to come. In 1905 begun to exist legendary cabaret “Zielony Balonik” and Jama Michalika was the place were it performed. That formation was getting famous and it quickly became the symbol of Młoda Polska (Young Poland) and its literature. It was the favourite place of the best polish artists such as Edward Boy Żeleński, Tadeusz Zakrzewski, Leopold Starzewski and some more. Even Józef Piłsudski (famous polish politician) was one of the frequent visitor of Jama Michalika Krakow is getting modern day by day. You can see many changes in the architecture, culture and lifestyle. But if you’re sensitive enough you can also notice those a bit old-fashioned amazing people who are crazy about the literature and poetry. You can still see the uniwersity students running from one class to another, reading books in the park, discusing art or going to the theatre. Have a break, drink a cofee in Jama Michalika, enjoy that

atmosphere and feel the art!