Krakow is a beautiful city with many places which of course you must see, like Wawel Hill with Royal Castle, Main Square with Sukiennice and St. Mary’s Church, Czartoryski Museum  (reopened after renovation this year) and much more. But Krakow is also a city where you can see something exceptional, not what you can read in any guide.

One of those exceptional things is “Blue Nyska” at Hala Targowa. This old polish van serves as a selling point of the original and legendary sausages every evening. To stand in line for a grilled sausage is like a come back to PRL. The idea was completely unique, but remains popular for over 20 years.The idea of selling sausages out of an old car was conceived in 1991 by two men, who noticed that the actors and the audience coming out of the theaters was often looking for a place to eat something. From then out, on every night except holidays they began selling this unique dish. The secret of success lies in the simplicity of the idea. 

Source: fot.

Grilled sausage sounds like ordinary dish but it isn’t. Sausages are made the traditional formula, which is shrouded in mystery. Consistently for 20 years still tastes the same. Some people say it is taste of their childhood and that this is due to its success. But  the truth is that the sausages are simply delicious and being in Krakow you need to try them.

All of the clients seem to be satisfied with unique flavor provided by a set of grilled sausage with mustard and bread. And long line every evening only confirms that. The uniqueness of the “Blue Nyska”, is a fact and it’s definately worth visiting – if only to experience the atmosphere of the old communist era.

Blue Nyska is open every evening from Monday to Saturday, at Grzegórzeczka street, next to Hala Targowa.

Source: fot. Damian Kieroński

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