Kazimierz is one of the major tourist attractions in Krakow.  With lovely, labyrinthine streets and low-standing houses, it feels like a different world to the Old Town. It is a must-see for every tourist. Not only because of it’s rich history, but also because of its unique climate.


Kazimierz – district located to the south of the Old Town, between the Wisła River and Dietla street, was the centre of Jewish life in Kraków for over 500 years, before it was systematically destroyed during World War II. In the communist era it became one of Kraków’s dodgiest districts while falling into disrepair. This only changed in the 90s when the district was gradually beginning to be renovated.  Now it is a unique place where cultures meet.












Some of the places worth seeing when paying Kazimierz a visit are Corpus Christi Church, the Tempel Synagogue and Szeroka street- the heart of the old Jewish district. Bothof the two cemeteries, the Remuh  andor the New, are also well worth a look. And – of the more recent arrivals – the Galicia Museum deserves a special mention.

But Kazmierz is something more than tourist attraction and everybody should experience its unique atmosphere. This is where difficult history and modernity meet. Kazimierz is undergoing a major renaissance. Both its Jewish and Christian heritage is being restored, and colour has returned to its alleys and squares.  There are plenty of bars and cafes    where there is always a lot of people, young and old, from different cultures.

This is truly a mysterious and unique placewhich impresses us with its blend of cultures and history and by doing so, it forces us to reflect.